Welcome Trailblazer Parents and Families

The faculty and staff at Dixie State University witness firsthand the challenges that students face during their transition to college. The change can be intimidating and confusing for both students and parents. Navigating this unfamiliar territory presents many new challenges, but you can ease this transition both for you and your student by learning about the university policies and academic expectations of your student. You can be an asset to your student’s education as they enter this new phase of their life.


Whether you are a parent, friend, or student, the student concern form is one way that you can share that you are concerned about a student.

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Campus Safety

Dixie State University’s Department of Public Safety is here to Protect and Serve our Trailblazer community.

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Are you a parent or family member of a Dixie State Student? We are excited to have you as part of our Trailblazer Community. We are here to help you best support your student.

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Are you a student with a partner or child? We realize you may be having a different college experience compared to traditional, single students. We are here to support you.

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"Can I see my student's grades?"

You can access your student’s records (grades, financial aid info, etc.) if they give you permission. You will have to fill out a FERPA form and have your student sign it at the registrar’s office. If you cannot come to the school, you may have your student sign it in front of a notary, and then send in the notarized document to the school.

You can find the FERPA form here.

"What resources are available to help my student pass his/her classes?"

If your student is struggling in a class, the Academic Performance center is available. The Academic Performance Center offers a variety of tutoring services, such as face-to-face and online tutoring sessions, to the entire student body. We want to make sure you receive personalized attention from tutors who have your unique challenges and academic goals in mind. The Academic Performance Center prides itself in their ability to provide targeted, one-on-one instruction at no cost to all Dixie State University students. To learn more, visit their website here.

It is also important to realize some classroom challenges may be non-academic. Dixie State offers a variety of resources to help students both academically and non-academically. For a list of full resources, visit here.

"Does my student need a personal computer?"

Although the university does not require that your student bring a laptop to school, there is no question that it would be a useful tool in completing homework, especially as many housing facilities have wireless internet. Having said that, there are several computer labs on campus available for students’ use.

"Who should my student contact if he/she has a disability?"

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is responsible for evaluating disability documentation, determining eligibility, and implementing reasonable accommodations for students who have disabilities that may affect their participation, success, retention, and graduation. Visit the disability resource center for more into.

"When will my student find out if they have received financial aid?"

The time will vary depending on when your student applied for financial aid. Typically, a student can find out if they will receive financial aid within two weeks of application. For additional information, please refer to the financial aid website.


Parent & Family Programs

Email: familyprograms@dixie.edu

Phone: 465-879-4691

Office: Holland 181