Common Student Struggles

Common Student Struggles

My student’s grade point average is really low. What do I do?

In general, students are considered in good academic standing as long as their cumulative GPA is above a 2.0. You may want to familiarize yourself with Dixie’s Academic Standards if your student’s GPA falls below 2.0. Depending on the student’s progress, they are either encouraged or required to visit with their academic advisor for tips on how to improve their standing.
We have several resources available to students struggling with classes, and recommend they visit the Tutoring Center and/or the Writing Center.

I’ve noticed some drastic changes in my student’s behavior. What can I do?

If your student is living in a dorm and you are concerned with his/her attitude or behavior changes, you are encouraged to contact his/her Resident Assistant (RA) or the Housing Office. They are able to check on your student and offer direct support to him/her.

The DSU Health and Wellness Center (located next to campus at 34 North 600 East) offers medical services and mental health services. Call 435-652-7756 for more information or visit Finally, if you suspect drug or alcohol issues, please contact the Housing Office and/or the Wellness Center for assistance.

My student has been very ill lately and is miles away from his/her doctor. What services are available?

The DSU Health and Wellness Center (located next to campus at 34 North 600 East) offers a variety of medical services. Call 435-652-7756 for more information or visit

My student does not have health insurance. Is there a plan offered by the college?

Dixie State University does not provide health insurance for students as part of tuition and fees, or require proof of insurance for registration. However, students are strongly encouraged to consider having health insurance coverage while attending school.

Students may contact the insurance company/agent of their choice to inquire about insurance products that would help protect him/her from catastrophic health costs while attending Dixie State. Currently, the DSU Health & Wellness Center does not accept insurance payments and requires that medical health charges ($10 per visit for students and $20 per visit for faculty and staff) to be paid at the time of services.

My student can’t decide on a major. What should he/she do?

There are many resources on campus to assist students in choosing a major. For example, the Career Services office and the Testing Center offer several types of career tests that can help clarify the student’s values, abilities and preferences. When interpreted by a career counselor, the results of these tests can assist students in choosing a major.

Students are also encouraged to meet with their general advisor or with an advisor in a specific major to investigate career/major options. In some cases, deciding students are encouraged to enroll in a Cooperative Education (CO-OP) course to assist them in their decision. Working students who enroll in a CO-OP course are assigned to a faculty advisor who, along with the student, will determine goals and assignments which are designed to assist students to improve their skills as an employee while investigating various interests. For more information about CO-OP, students may visit Career Services.